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Problem Solving Plan #6


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Kimberly Grubba, Education 381 

Painting a Mural


This activity is designed for high school students as a mid semester project for the art class.  All appropriate techniques, designs and concepts necessary have already been discussed.  Included in these areas are color schema, paintbrush techniques, and angles of drawing.  Estimated time for completion of assignment is two weeks.

Aim:  Students will demonstrate and appreciate art outside of regular class assignments. 

Goal:  To exercise creativity and interpersonal skills within the community, while developing an understanding of the economy and money.

Problem Definition:

The school board in Winter, Wisconsin, is requesting that the art department at the high school paint a mural on a billboard in front of the school to welcome visitors.  The school board will fund this project and has faith that the art department will produce an outstanding symbol representing the school.  Create and design symbols that will welcome visitors to our school.


        Finished products must be neat and legible. 

        A detailed, in color representation of the mural must be included and turned in on a 20x30 illustration board by each student.

        Each student must present a budget including art supplies (paint, brushes, pencils, watercolors, etc.). 

        Each student will present his/her budget and mural to the class.

        A final representation with ideas and symbols from each student will be turned in as a class after the presentations. 


  • Students will work individually at first, then work as a class.

  • Billboard is 48x96” and will stand 15 feet in the air.

  • Symbols on the board cannot be offensive to any religion, race, ethnic persons, or those with disabilities, but must be diverse.  Offensive language will not be tolerated.

  • Product must be creative and colorful.

  • Product must use techniques learned in class to create symbols.


Needed items will be budgeted by the class and ordered accordingly.  The students will “get by” with creating the budget, individually drawing symbols, combining their ideas and symbols with the class and producing a miniature product on illustration board.  The instructor will supply textbooks, markers, paints, brushes, illustration board as well as other related items. The actual painting of the mural will be an ongoing project.

Skills Needed:

  • Creativity                                                                               

  • Intrapersonal skills   

  • Interpersonal –communication  

  • Mathematical/Logical

  • Spatial skills

  • Knowledge of art and graphic  design 

  • Research skills  

  • Presentation skills                  


1)     Each condition and parameter must be met.

2)    The presentation of the budgets and murals will be evaluated by the teacher according to the parameters, conditions and a rubric.  The rubrics will be handed out to the students for peer evaluation.

3)    Knowledge and application of drawing techniques will be assessed subjectively by the instructor, as well as creativity and thoughtfulness

Rational Statement:

This activity not only allows the students to practice art and drawing techniques, but also requires creative thinking and appreciation of art outside of the classroom.  Communication skills will also be developed, as the students will need to interview other teachers for ideas on symbols and present their findings and creativeness to the class.  Mathematical and logical skills will also be practiced, as a budget is required.


Teacher: The teacher will facilitate and be available for any questions that arise.  The instructor will schedule due dates for all assignments and have in-class work time.

Student: The students are responsible for turning in all work on assigned date.  They will work individually with the budget and the mural and present both to the class at the same time.  After all students have presented, the class will discus and choose symbols and design one representation of the mural to be built in front of the school.  The class will also create one budget after reviewing the many budgets already created.  Student may be required to work in and out of the school setting to retrieve information.

Support Needed:

The school board will supply the class with needed items according to the budget supplied.  The teachers and administrators of the school will be happy to answer any questions concerning specific departments or give ideas on creative drawings.  Overall, the school supports this project and is excited to view a “welcoming” to visitors. 

Picture (40x35, 1.1Kb)  Picture (40x35, 1.1Kb)