General Directions: As a courtesy to my students I have placed general graduate exam questions online. I have done this so you can have time to review, research, and prepare quality answers. As an FYI, I don't allow notes during exams. You have a choice of questions and that is an advantage.


In order to facilitate your exams, you will be allowed to choose from the current array of exam questions. If you have specific questions about the exam process, you can call the graduate office at 346-4403. If there is no human there, leave a message on the audix system. Be sure to speak slowly and indicate your name and telephone number. Please DO NOT CALL ME, someone from the graduate office will be the exam proctor. 

Answer ONLY ONE of the following questions. As you answer your question, please make sure you provide concrete examples and scholarly support, either from readings related to our class, or from your own research in preparation for the exam. Authors, dates and the title of the publication may be mentioned in the body of your answer.

 Keep an eye on the clock. If you are running short of time, or if you think you will run short on time, you may outline parts of your response. Answers will be considered for their completeness and their relation to the question, the support you offer, and your ability to draw professional conclusions by synthesizing personal, professional experience with academic and scholarly support.


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