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New Horizons for Learning Electronic Journal - Vol. III, #5, March/April 1998

The eighth intelligence

Why teachers are drawn to using Multiple Intelligence Theory in the classroom  

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Picture (406x462, 43.3Kb)  Here are my specific restrictions on usage. Original materials appear as those copyrighted to Leslie Owen Wilson. If you would like to use my material, I am usually happy that other professionals and students have found my materials helpful and will  grant you access under the following conditions:

  • This is my most important requirement. Because I believe that we can actively work toward creating a better, kinder world, users are duty bound to commit at least one random act of beauty or kindness for each concept used -- no kidding!!!

  • Any instructional materials used in the course of regular teaching, in  professional presentations, or cited in publications or used for professional materials must be cited as to the source of original authorship, and you must notify me of usage.

  • If material is used for experimentation, action research, curriculum development, or for general instructional revision, please inform me prior to the event. In the cases of research, as a professional educator I would be curious as to the results and findings.

  • If materials are being used on a for profit basis, as in but not limited to: extended professional consultancies, on-line courses, as inclusions in course packets, or in scheduled fee-paid presentations, and if these events or works generate monies or income, whereby publishers, institutions, or individuals profit beyond the costs of general duplicating -- then these are different matters. Permission in these instances is withheld until honorariums can be negotiated on an individual basis.  In these cases, please contact me for written permissions and fee schedule.  

  • Usage requirements of poetry and original stories from the inspirational portion of this website: While I have tried to be very generous in the use of my materials within the rest of my site, materials in this portion are restricted to reviewed and written permission only. While nothing prohibits personal use of single copies, all original poetry, stories and reflections are copyrighted to Leslie Owen Wilson and cannot be replicated for distribution or publication without expressed written permission of the author or her agents.

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