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 PProblem Solving Lesson Plan 5


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Based on a plan submitted by Jon H. Lutgen

AIM : Students will learn and demonstrate vocational skills that will aid them in their life.

GOAL:  Students will be able to plan, cost estimate, prepare, and serve a meal for a social, business, or private event.

PROBLEM:  The school has asked the food service class to cater the meal for the upcoming play that the drama department is putting on, the idea is to create a dinner theater format.  Their class assignment is to create a menu that supports the theme of the play.  They are to take charge of setting the menu, and coordinating the printing with the printing of the playbill.  Contracting for dinnerware, linens, table decorations, and entertainment during the meal.  They are to prepare all portions of the meal, serve the food, and clear the tables prior to the start of the play.


         Students will divide the responsibilities up and assign individuals or groups to take charge of that particular task.

  • Students will give a copy of the tasks and a list of the people responsible to the teacher prior to starting the project.
  • The list will describe how each person or group will accomplish their assigned task.

         The students will establish a work schedule for the night of the dinner and indicate who is to do what, and when.


    • The menu must be submitted for approval.
    • There is to be no alcohol used for cooking.
    • Non compliance with the assignment and or failure to fulfill your responsibilities will result in a failing grade for the class
    • The cost of the meal is not to exceed $9.00 per person. This is to include all food
    • Costs, any equipment that is to be rented, cost of printing the menu, and any  
    • Advertisement

o        Any profits from the dinner will be put in a fund for purchase of equipment and supplies for future dinner theaters, with a percentage going for a class party at the end of the year. The cost of the party should not exceed the cost of soda and food.


         Knowledge of menu pricing

         Food preparation.



         Food service.

         Social interaction.

         Team work.

         Understanding of business.

         Self motivation.


The student’s evaluation will come in three parts.  First from patrons of dinner theater, the accolades for the meal will be in direct proportion to the effort put in by the students.  The second part will come from the teacher, who will base the evaluation on the students’ ability to solve the problem with the conditions set forth and parameters listed.  The third and final part of the evaluation will come from the students themselves.  They will be asked to turn in a written evaluation based on these questions:

1. What part of the assignment did you enjoy the most?

2. What suggestions could you make to improve the process?

3. What part of the assignment was the most difficult or frustrating?  How did you deal with this?

4. Did you benefit from this experience and if so how?

5. Do you feel you have gained knowledge or skills that will help you in life?


Students may want to contact restaurants in the area for ideas.  Request demonstrations or tips from culinary experts.