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"Every decision you make stems from what you think you are."

**Frequently used pages from this section have been moved to thesecondprinciple.com - See the Optimal Learning and Teaching Essentials dropdown menus.

Site closing: This site has been active since 1997. It was originally set up to serve and support my students through course related links and original materials. However, it soon became clear that postings and resources were useful to others as well.  Usage has been readily granted to teaching professionals and students around the world free with a clear promise to pay it forward with a simple act of random kindness.  I'd like to say thank you to users honoring the intent of that requirement. This site will be slowly phased out in 2014. Those concepts proving most popular will be moved to a personal blog at the second principle.


While traditional theories of learning encompass a huge array of topics, this particular site strand is devoted to discussions and information on newer innovations in education. Some of the innovations and views included in this site strand are: newer views of intelligence, holistic learning and teaching, brain-based education, as well as suggestions on how to create teaching environments where optimal human learning is supported and nurtured. You can also find additional information on many related topics through my General Links Pages.  

Here there are links to a number of pages devoted to assorted concepts on rethinking intelligence -- like Gardner's Multiple intelligences, Perkins' Reflective Intelligence, Goleman's Emotional Intelligence, and Sternberg's Successful Intelligence.

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ED 703 Newer Views of Learning Course Materials 

Controversies - Here are a number of diverse views on learning styles and related literature. You decide -- good, bad, it will or won't it work?.

1. Learning styles and pedagogy in post-16 learning - From the Brits -- This is a grand study and a meta-analysis of literature on learning styles that is both careful and systematic as it critical reviews a variety of instruments. A very comprehensive look at an array of diverse learning style instrumentation (71) segregating and examining the 13 most popular models. This study concluded that it is the validity and reliability of the parent instrument that is important in determining the ultimate usefulness and effectiveness of the work related to teaching and learning. The study concentrates on 4 major questions:

1. What models of learning styles are influential and potentially influential?
2. What empirical evidence is there to support the claims made for these models?
3. What are the broad implications for pedagogy of these models?
4. What empirical evidence is there that models of learning styles have an impact on students learning?

2. AFT Pages - The following two links are from the American Federation of Teachers pages and provide some useful discussions on explaining learning modalities and some of the research controversies surrounding the concept of learning retention and modality usage, both are by Daniel Willingham.


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