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Problem Solving

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         These plans reflect general rules for developing skills used in solving problems. In this process the teacher develops a problem, carefully accesses skills needed to solve the problem, and creates conditions and/or parameters that act as guidelines for products or solutions, These same conditions and parameters also serve as evaluation criteria.

Samples of Lesson Plans

Charlotte Becker - Becoming a better parent 

Cale Hoppe - Creating Paper Structures with Geometry

Denise Heimstead - Understanding the roles within a family 

Kate Dunning/ Samantha Krueger  - Building a dream house

Heidi Krouth - Buddy teaching  - a MI/Problem Solving Lesson

Kamie Englebert - Lifting Weights

Pam Williams - Growing a garden

Kim Brooks - Child Development

Jon H. Lutgen - Catering a meal

Laurel Leder  - Make a musical instrument

Kim Grubba - Painting a Mural

Brian Waters - Algebra - Public Survey

Matt Noel - Solving a dietary problem

Mark Natzke - Building a tree stand

Here are some links to areas in other portions of this website related to the creation of problem solving objectives and curriculum.

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