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Problem Solving Plan #7


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Diet and Exercise for a Diabetic

by Matt Noel/ED381

Content Area: Health Education   

Grade Level: Tenth Grade 

Aim: The students will be able to plan a diet for a variety of needs.

Goal: The students will be able to create an appropriate menu and exercise program to maintain a healthy weight.

Problem Statement:

You have become a dietician at a local diabetes clinic.  Your first client has just recently been diagnosed.  This client has an insurance company that covers half of his needed supplies.  He has a budget of 700 hundred dollars a week.  You must create a month-long menu of meals for this person plus develop an exercise program to help him maintain a normal weight.


  • The assignment will be due one week from today.
  • This assignment is worth 75 points.
  • Prices of monthly medical supplies and food costs must be included in the report.
  • Sources of the prices must be given.
  • A summary paper is to be turned in giving the rationale for the decisions made.  


  • Monthly costs for food, medical supplies, and exercise sessions and equipment may not exceed $800-$1000.
  • Plan must include a month-long menu of meals, prices of all living expenses and monthly costs, sources of prices, and the summary paper must be typed.
  • Included in the budget must be all medical supplies a diabetic person must use and prices of a month's worth of supplies.
  • The month will consist of thirty days.  Each day must include three meals and drinks.  At least 5 snacks a week should also be included in the menu.  
  • The exercise program must meet the standards of an effective program given to you in a previous class.
  • Food decisions must be selected to meet the needs of a diabetic person.


            Evaluations of this assignment will be based on several conditions.  

1.      Did the menu meet the parameters of what must be included?

2.      Did the food costs and medical supply costs stay under the monthly budget?

3.      Were the prices accurate?

4.      Was the diet appropriate for a diabetic person?

5.      Did the exercise program consist of at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise no less than four times a week?

6.      Did the student have well thought out reasons for the decisions that they made for this patient?  

7.      Were there less than five spelling or grammar errors in the write up?

Process Skills Required:

  • The ability to make appropriate food choices.
  • The ability to effectively manage a specified amount of money.
  • Interpersonal skills included were the ability to contact doctors or pharmacists to determine what medical supplies are needed.
  • The ability to develop a low cost but effective work out program.

Rationale for Assignment:

This may be an extreme situation, but it is set up to evaluate whether students are able to make the appropriate food choices, stay within a budget, and use diet and exercise to maintain an appropriate weight.

Extraneous Support Needed:

The students will have to talk to a medical practitioner, pharmacist, or person with diabetes to find out what medical supplies are needed and how much they cost per month.  They may also want to consult diabetic cookbooks to help with making appropriate food choices.  Students will have to go to local drug stores and grocery stores to get the proper prices.

Picture (40x35, 1.1Kb)  Picture (40x35, 1.1Kb)