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This site has been active since 1997. It was originally set up to serve and support my students through course related links and original materials. However, it soon became clear that postings and resources were useful to others as well.  Usage has been readily granted to teaching professionals and students around the world free with a clear promise to pay it forward with a simple act of random kindness.  I'd like to say thank you to users honoring the intent of that requirement. This site will be slowly phased out in 2014. Those concepts proving most popular will be moved to a personal blog at the second principle.

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FACETS (Faculty Alliance for Creating and Expanding Teaching Strategies)

This was a multi-year program which concluded in June of 2006. It was faculty development initiative supported by a Congressional Award from Congressman Dave Obey which concentrated on teaching excellence at the university level. It is a partnership with faculty from UW-Marathon Center. The FACETS team was multidisciplinary and included myself and partners Susan Gingrasso, Marty Loy, and Craig Wendorf. The program affected faculty from UW-Marathon Center, and UW-Stevens Point. There is a journal online, Views from the bridge, in which participants discuss changes they made in their teaching.