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Comments: This links page was established as an original part of my site in1997. I intended to collect links to materials of personal professional interest and ones I thought my students might be able to use in my myriad of graduate courses. It has been quite an adventure and over the years this portion has grown, and grown, and grown even more, so that while the one page was easy to catalog, it took forever to load and maintain. Finally, I have revised this portion of my site so that links are now separated into categorical pages and connected through a general links' index on the topical grid below.  

Please note that it is important to remember that the Internet is not a permanent medium. Frequently sites don't remain active, they move, or have trouble with all of that electronic gear that not many of us understand, or like our own ends, they just disappear into the cosmic ethers. So, if you find material that appeals to you, create a hard copy in the event it is not there tomorrow.

For my links, if you try to reach a site listed herein and get an error message or a "page not found message," try again later and REMEMBER TO REFRESH YOUR SCREEN! If the site repeatedly fails to appear, please contact me and let me know via my e-mail link below so that I can remove it from my list. I know how terribly frustrating it is to click on a hyperlink and get a "page not found" message. Also, if you find an interesting or informative site related to my topic headings --  one not already part of my lists, please let me know the address so I can add it.  Thanks!

The Web is such a fantastic treasure trove of information. Hopefully, the sites selected here represent good examples of information and connections available. 

Have fun browsing and many blessings!  Leslie

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