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Problem Solving Lesson Plan 11

Kim Brooks, ED 381

 Child Development

Title: Child development through the age of six years

Aim: Students will display understanding and ease at recognizing child development processes.

Goal: Students will be able to recognize and demonstrate the appropriate usage of the developmental processes children go through from an infant to age six.


  • Students will identify and apply physical, emotional, linguistic and intellectual development processes to real-life.

  • Students will identify and apply five specific developmental processes and how children progress through each of the five processes from an infant to six years.

  • Students will choose three specific developmental processes based upon agreement of the entire class and apply them to real-life.

  • Students will create expressive gestures and movements to present their project to the class.

Statement of Problem: 

The county of Waukesha received $500,000 in grants and donations to build a daycare facility.  The money is to be used to build a daycare for infants to children age six.  The money is to be used to construct the facility and to purchase equipment and materials for daycare teachers and children.


* Students must include a cost list that documents how the money was spent

*Students will use the information they have learned in class to design the structure and decided what equipment and materials to include 

*Students will include a key and color so that they are easily understandable

*Drawn to scale

*Products must be neat


*All costs can not exceed $500,000

*The facility must be appropriate for the age range of infancy through age six

*The facility must comply with general safety standards set by building inspectors

*Total area of the facility must not exceed 10,000 square feet

Skills needed to solve problem successfully:

*Interpersonal skills

*Spatial skills

*Mathematical/logical skills/calculations

*Research skills

*Organizational skills



*Artistic skills


*Compare/Contrast (critical thinking) 

*Reflective skills


Methods of Evaluation: 

*Students will create a rubric that will assess their projects, but it must assess organization, neatness and appropriateness of project based upon content area information.  The class decides upon other areas of assessment.

*Students will self-assess their project using the rubric.

*Students will peer assess others projects using the rubric.

*Teacher will also assess the projects using the student-generated rubric.

Rationale statement: Students will apply content area material to real-life through the development of this assignment.

Teacher responsibilities:

*Find community resources willing to help out students 

*Provide names, numbers and address of community resources available

 *Make all conditions and parameters clear to class

*Provide students with some catalogs to use as some of their resources for ideas on equipment and materials to purchase that include price listings

Student responsibilities: 

*If choose to work in groups, each group member must contribute to the project.

*If work in group, must respect everyone’s ideas.

*Use accurate information.

*Follow all conditions and parameters

*Put forth effort

Extraneous support needed:

*Building contractors

*Building inspectors

*Library resources 

*Daycare teachers/staff