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Problem Solving Lesson Plan 13

Opening a Restaurant

Original Plan by Brian Waters 

District Goal:  To give students the ability to solve real life problems with mathematical principles.

Teacher Goal:  To teach students how to gather a non-bias sample and read the results.                 

Grade Level:  High School Algebra Class

Project Statement:  You want to open a restaurant but don�t know what kind of food to serve.  To be an effective restaurant owner you need to find out the public opinion.  You decide to poll the local public to see what their favorite food is and how often they go out to eat.  You must set up a survey and accurately poll the local population to find out their favorite food.


-The assignment is due on _______

-The assignment is worth 100 points of the student�s final grade

-The students must remember that owner is conducting the survey by himself

-The survey must have at least two questions

-The student must pick a sampling technique and conduct their survey

-Results must be recorded and a decision of what type of restaurant to open must be made

-All questions and sampling techniques must be inoffensive

-Students will turn in their survey, results, and a one page write up about their conclusion


Students may work in groups of 2-3 to create and administer their survey.  The survey is a tool that the restaurant owner would you to decide what kind of restaurant to open.  The questions are up to you.  There are different sampling techniques in the textbook.  Any in inappropriate behavior during this project will result in a lowered grade and possible disciplinary action.


The teacher will observe the group and make sure all students are participating, which is one quarter of the grade.  Another quarter will be peer evaluations to make sure all students work on giving the survey.  The last half of the grade will be on the survey, results, and write up.  Students will be given a rubric so they have a grading guideline.

Process Skills:

-The ability to write unbiased questions

-The ability to accurately read statistical data

- The ability to work with others

- The ability to work with the general public

- The ability to analyze data and make conclusions

- The ability to organize materials 

Picture (40x35, 1.1Kb)  Picture (40x35, 1.1Kb)