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The lesson plans in this section have been developed using or based on, those intelligences described in the work of Howard Gardner. You  may wish to see related  materials listed below the listed plans.

Catherine Ordemann - Biology 

Kim Brooks - Parenting Styles

 Todd J. Eckstein - Instrumental jazz

Justin Gerlach - Elementary Spanish Lesson

Kate Boesch - Botany

Marie Muhvic - Physical Education

Maria Aerts - Health and general nutrition

John Fietsch - Making Shapes -  Geometry

Jon Lutgen - Accepting responsibility 




Journal Articles On Line

 Picture (16x17, 285 bytes) New Horizons for Learning Electronic Journal - Vol. III, #5, March/April 1998

 Picture (16x17, 285 bytes) The eighth intelligence

 Picture (16x17, 285 bytes) Why teachers are drawn to using Multiple Intelligence Theory in the classroom

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