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Learning Styles Lesson Plans Index

These plans are devised and written reflecting concepts developed by Kathleen Butler. Butler's work is based on learning style categorizations developed by Anthony Gregorc -- concrete sequential, abstract sequential, concrete random, abstract random. (See hyperlinks under personality theories and learning styles section.) While these particular plans may not be in your subject area, you can easily use them as prototypes in devising lessons that meet different learners styles. 


Scott Krause - Rainy-Day Hike - Ecology Lesson

Emilie Pingel - High School Math - Tessellations

Stephanie Krueger - High School Band Roberta Choinski - The Cell
Justin Gerlach - High School Biology - Species Diversity John Fietsch - Graphing Calculators
Laurel Leder - High School - Understanding the Depression  Amie C. Woolweber - Huck Finn 


Here are some links to areas in other portions of this website related to multiple intelligences.

Next set of plans:  Combination ModelPicture (40x35, 1.1Kb)