Mark Plonsky, Ph.D.
Canine Consultant & Professor Emeritus
(Experimental Biopsychology)
Copyright © 1996 - 2019

I put stuff here that I prepare related to dog behavior & training. I emphasize the scientific approach because that is how I was trained. A copy of my vita is available as is a brief biography of my relevant experience working with dogs.
Learning What Predicts What: Pavlov and Dog Training (2019)
Talks about Classical Conditioning and its relevance to training.

Purely Positive, Force Free, and Science (2019)
A discussion of approaches to training.

Some materials for a 7 week Beginning Obedience Class (2019)
The class is typically taken by dogs 6 months to a few years of age. The materials are meant as a general guide. I don't actually teach class the class this rigidly. Rather I cater the class to the particular group and with the aid of an assistant, give a lot of individual, one-on-one guidance. Classes like this are highly recommended because they provide a structured environment with the perfect kinds of distractions to train your dog.
Goals, Basic Training Concepts (from below)
, HW2, HW3, HW4, HW5, HW6, HW7

Teaching Without Conflict: Possession Games with Ivan Balabonov (2015)
Review of a video.

Basic Dog Training Concepts (2014)
Describes 6 concepts that I find useful in training my own dogs as well as helping other people train theirs.

The Training Log (2014)
A record keeping tool to help with training.

Operant Conditioning Paradigms (2014)
Describes the 8 specific paradigms of operant conditioning for folks that train dogs.

Obedience Without Conflict: Clear Communication with Ivan Balabonov (2003)
A review of a video.

Review of Dogtra Ecollar Pager Feature (2003)
Review of the use of a tone/vibration cue on an electronic collar.

Schutzhund Summary: Detailed Requirements & Point Values (2001)
Summary of exercise values in schutzhund/IPO competitions.

A (Schutzhund) Dumbbell Tree (1999)
Describes a metal device to hold the dumbbells to be retreived.

Tie-Down Apparatus for Teaching the Scent Discrimination (1999)
Describes an apparatus to use as an aid in teaching the scent descrimination exerize of the AKC Utility Dog competition.

Science & Dog Training (Malinois Handler, 1998)
Briefly outlines the relevance of science to an understanding of dog training and behavior.

Canine Vision (1998)
A summary of how dogs see in comparison to humans.

Dog Training Commands in Several Languages (1996-2019)
List 1 has German, French, Czech, & Dutch (with audio files for all).
List 2 has Hungarian, Polish, Hebrew, Finnish, Spanish, & Turkish (no audio).

Confusing Consequences: A Brief Introduction to Operant Conditioning (1996)
Talks about the four possible consequences of behavior (+R, +P, -R, & - P) according to operant conditioning.

Punishment: Problems & Principles for Effective Use (1996)
A brief summary.

AKC Pattern Diagrams & Commands for Obedience Competitions:
Novice, Open, & Utility (1996)