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Dr. Ps Dog Training

Welcome to Dr. P's virtual library of info about dog training & behavior. A revision history is available, as well as a listing of awards. This is a noncommercial site sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. External links are provided for educational purposes only and do not act in any way to suggest the endorsement or sponsorship of Dr. P or UWSP. If you like this site, please consider making a donation to help support it.

This site was last updated in 2001. It is currently on hold while I decide whether to update and/or transform it. Please do not submit link requests, exchanges or information about dead links at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Contents (in brief)
The Library The Library - presents a detailed outline of the contents of this site & includes:
  • General Issues (responsible ownership, training basics, tips, choosing a trainer, breed specific info, testing & selection, & advanced issues)
  • Puppies (general issues, housetraining, socialization, & chewing & biting)
  • Specific Issues (housetraining, crate training, commands, equipment used, tricks, & play)
  • General Topics (biology related, nonverbal communication, cognition, wolf/dog hybrids, & other stuff)
  • Scientific Info (learning theory, sensory systems, & other stuff)
  • (Potential) Behavior Problems (general issues & specific problems [15+ are listed])
  • Photos/Videos Photo/Video Collections - see working dogs in action.
    Various types of work (individual dogs & topics), agility, hunting, protection (general, individual dogs, police/military, schutzhund, ring, KNPV) & other stuff.
    Obedience Obedience - competition technique & theory.
    Competition related, clicker training, learning theory, & electronic collars.
    Assistance Dogs Assistance Dogs - helping folks with disabilities.
    General info, articles/stories (individual dogs, seizure alert dogs, news, others), providers, & lists of providers.
    Nose Related Dog Work The Nose Knows - dog chores involving smell.
    Tracking, searching, & other scents.
    Protection Training Protection & Police/Military Training - martial arts for dogs.
    Various types (Schutzhund, ring, KNVP & others), breed info, general articles, police, & military working dogs.
    Other Dog Work Other Dog "Work" - various sporting/working activities.
    Agility, carting & weightpulling, flyball & frisbees, freestyle, herding, hiking & such, hunting, livestock guardian dogs, lure coursing & racing, sledding & such, & therapy.
    Misc. Info/Resources Misc. Info. & Resources - lots of other relevant stuff.
    Acronyms & terms, acting, associations, career info, e-zines, humor, legal issues & bites, names, rescue, statistics, upcoming events, & other stuff.
  • Commercial Products (books, videos, magazines & equipment providers).
  • E-mail Lists, Etc. E-lists, etc. - talk with other people about training.
    E-mail list Info, lists of lists/resources, BBS's, chatrooms & forums, & newsgroups.
    Search this Site Search for key words in pages at this site.
    Site Index Site Index - lists each of the pages at this site.
    Includes a list of locally housed articles & commands in several languages.

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