Homework for Week 1 (Mark Plonsky, Ph.D. © 2015-2021 v. 3)
These HWs are designed to supplement in person classes.
They are not required & you don't have to turn them in.
Please bring a 6-foot leash, bait bag, & treats (ex. small pieces of meat or cheese ) as well as an
interactive toy that doesn't squeak (exs. ball on rope or tug toy).


DAY OF THE WEEK (write them in)









Say “Good” & Then
give the dog a Treat
Try for 2 sessions of 2-3 trials per day.
The word "Good" will be a marker or helpful
signal that can be used in training.








Practice Luring

Sit - Treat goes slowly over the dogs head.
When the dog's butt hits the floor, say
good” & give treat.
Down - Treat goes under your palm & moves
to the floor. When both elbows & belly of the
dog hit the floor, say “good” & give treat.

(or the beginning of it)
Practice having the dog walk at your side.
Pick one side or the other and stick with it.
Use treats to keep the dog attentive to you.








A Trick
Begin thinking about/working on
something to show off during the last class.








Give Your Dog 15-30 mins of Exercise
Younger & more active dogs will need
30 min or more. Retrieving a toy &
swimming are good examples. 15
min of walking would be an absolute
minimum. Try hard to do this daily.