Homework for Week 3 (Mark Plonsky, Ph.D. © 2015-2021 v. 3)
These HWs are designed to supplement in person classes.
They are not required & you don't have to turn them in.
Please bring a 6-foot leash, bait bag, & treats (ex. small pieces of meat or cheese ) as well as an
interactive toy that doesn't squeak (exs. ball on rope or tug toy).


DAY OF THE WEEK (write them in)










Sit, Down, Stand & maybe Sleep (play dead).








Practice having the dog walk at your side.
Make believe you need to cross a street.
Make turns & stops. Speed up & slow down.
Try for a session most days.








Eye Contact
Try to keep it for a few seconds. Try to
do 2 sessions of 2-3 trials per day. Do
it with the dog in front of you as well
as at your side.








Meet & Greet a Friend
Have your dog heel with you up to the
person (or chair), then have the dog sit at
your side so you can greet the person, then
go between the dog & person when leaving.








Recalls to the Collar

"Come", "Here", or "Front" are common
words used. Call the dog to you, touch the
collar, say "good" & give the treat. Do this
a half dozen time randomly throughout the
day. Lure it initially & reward it ultimately.








A Trick
Continue working on something.