Laboratory 7

Modified Stems, Root Anatomy, Modified Roots

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see also:     Modified Stems, Modified Roots

II.  Root Anatomy

A.  Basic Root Structure

1.  Observation

Radish Root  Root Hairs



2.  Wet Mount

Agrostis Root  Agrostis Hairs


B.  Longitudinal Section

Allium Root Tip ls


C.  Dicot Root Cross Section

1.  Prepared Slide

Ranunculus Root old xs   Ranunculus Root old - stele

Ranunculs Root young xs


2.  Freehand Section


D.  Woody Dicot Root

Tilia Root xs


E.  Monocot Root Cross Section

1.  Prepared Slide

Smilax Root xs 


2.  Freehand Section



F.  Branching of Roots

Vicia Root branch xs


G.  Root Systems

1. Taproot vs Fibrous roots

Tap Root  Fibrous Roots


2.  Adventitious Roots


Corn Adventitious Roots  Philodendron Adventitious Roots  Kalanchoe Adventitious Roots    


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