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Biology 130 Lab Review Images



Lab 1  Introduction to the Botany Lab; Microscopes

Lab 2  Microscopic Measurements, Oil Immersion Lens

Lab 3  The Plant Cell

Lab 4  Mitosis, Asexual Reproduction

Lab 5  Meristems, Cell types, Herbaceous Stems

Lab 6  Woody Stems and Wood Anatomy

Lab 7  Modified Stems, Root Anatomy, Modified Roots

Lab 8  Leaf Anatomy, Modified Leaves

Lab 9  Plant Water Relations

Lab 10  Enzymes and Digestion, Respiration

Lab 11  Light and Photosynthesis

Lab 12  Control of Plant Growth

Lab 13  Gas Exchange and Photosynthesis

Lab 14  Molecular Plant Genetics

Lab 15  Plant Genetics, Plant Breeding

Lab 16  Bacteria

Lab 17  Chytrids, Zygote Fungi, Sac Fungi, Deuteromycetes,

Lab 18  Club Fungi, Other Fungus-like Organisms

Lab 19  Cyanobacteria, Algal Diversity

Lab 20  Green Algae; Lichens

Lab 21  Bryophytes

Lab 22  Fern Allies; Ferns

Lab 23  Gymnosperms

Lab 24  Angiosperms and the Flower

Lab 25  Seeds, Seed Germination, Fruits

Common Plant Identification




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