Table of Contents

Author Area Title

Reflection & Changing Views

Brett Barker History Working Without a Net—Learning to Teach Means Teaching to Learn
Michael Demchik Natural Resources –Forestry Professional Reflection-A Vector of Change
Becky Henning Communicative Disorders Changing Perceptions -A Framework for Growth
Janet McKnight Business and Economics Reversing the Downward Spiral—Employing Active Learning Approaches
Michael Theiss Computer Science Launched into Change -The Many Faces of Professional Growth
Sterling Wall Health Promotion and Human Development Becoming More Student-Centered—Changing Pedagogical Postures

Looking At Today’s Students Through

Different Lenses

Danielle Dahlstrom Business A Road Map for Change –Connecting with Millennial Students
J. Christine Gould Exceptional Education Demystifying Millennials
Jean Greenwood English Using Storytelling to Achieve My Teaching Goals with Upward Bound Hmong Millennials
Elizabeth M. Martin Business and Economics Using The Apprentice to Make Management Principles “Cool”
David L. Ozsvath Geography/Geology Working with Their Strengths—Reconfiguring an Intro Course
Greg Summers History Finding New Ways Back to Basics -One Skeptic’s Experience
Steve Wright Chemistry Reinventing an Already Excellent Teacher

Changing Views—Back to Front

Karyn Biasca Paper Science Bridging Hurdles -Recreating an Introductory Engineering Course Using Backward Design
Eric Giordano Political Science From Inside - Out to Backward Design: An Aid for Deeper Learning
Charlie Osborne Communicative Disorders Increasing the Effectiveness of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
Dayle Upham Exceptional Education The Light Dawned: Backward Design

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