President's Letter

Russ Wanke
Foundation President,
CEO, Expera Specialty Solutions, LLC

Securing Our Future

With all due respect to colleagues with degrees in other fields of study, the world needs more engineers! Engineers are problem solvers … and as the daily news indicates, the world has many problems to solve. More engineers, each trained to be an innovative rational thinker, means more solutions!

Stepping back from this global view, manufacturing across North America has a growing practical need for engineers. Increasing openings from retirements of Baby Boomers and the growth of manufacturing right here in Wisconsin emphasizes the need to support the education of engineers to secure our future.

In the 41st year of the Paper Science Foundation, we continue to support the development of engineering students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. With scholarships of up to $2400 per year to any student who puts in the effort and delivers, the path to a rewarding career is made a bit easier.

As you will read in the messages from Jerry Lazarski, Dean Christine Thomas and Dr. Karyn Biasca; exciting things are happening at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. Take a moment to read of the developments, or better yet, stop by the College of Natural Resources and the Paper Science and Engineering offices, classrooms or labs.

As Foundation President, I encourage corporate sponsors, alumni and friends of PS&E program to continue to support the mission of the Paper Science Foundation. As our latest advertising piece suggests to talented high school students, “Let us help you become an engineer at UWSP”. Those of us who support the Foundation know what a key role these bright and well educated engineers play in our future success.

Russ Wanke, CEO, Expera Specialty Solutions
UWSP Paper Science Class of 1985