Endowment Program

The UWSP Paper Science Foundation is a 501 3(c) organization, established in 1973. During the 1980s, the Endowed Scholarship Program was created to further support student scholarships in the Paper Science Program at UWSP. Endowed scholarships are living memorials to those honored and serve as a constant reminder of the generosity of the donors. The minimum donation required to establish a named endowed scholarship is $10,000 which can be paid over time.

The endowed scholarship program ensures the future of the pulp and paper industry by providing long-term scholarship support for students preparing for positions of leadership. The Foundation acknowledges endowed scholarships with a special presentation at the Foundations annual meeting usually held in September.


  • Class of 1974 Endowment
  • Michael/Margaret Kocurek Endowment
  • Class of 1980 Endowment
  • Lake States TAPPI Endowment
  • Class of 1984 Endowment
  • Little Rapids (Temp. Restr. $10,000)
  • Class of 1985 Endowment
  • Peter MacIntyre Endowment
  • Class of 1987 Endowment
  • Mead Witter Endowment
  • Class of 1989 Endowment
  • Nalco Foundation Endowment
  • Class of 1990 Endowment
  • Neenah Paper Inc. Endowment
  • Class of 1993 Endowment
  • North Central PIMA Endowment
  • Class of 1997 Endowment
  • North Central PIMA Eq Fund Endowment
  • Albany International Corp. Endowed Scholarship
  • OMNOVA Solutions Endowment
  • B E & K Paper Chase
  • Osfar Student Scholarship/Activities Endowment
  • Joseph B. Bergomi Jr. Memorial Endowment
  • Paper Machines Contributions Endowment
  • Betz Labratories Endowment
  • Paper Science Computer Labratory Endowment
  • Leah Renee Brueckner Memrial Endowment
  • Art Rankin Endowment
  • Champion International Endowment
  • ST Paper Endowment
  • Consolidated Papers Foundation Endowment
  • James E. Stanley Memorial Endowment
  • Draper/Hercules Endowment
  • Stora Enso scholarship Endowment
  • Fanselow/Engelhard Endowment
  • Thilmany LLC Endowment
  • The Four Horsement Endowment
  • Vance Setterholm Scholarship
  • General Purpose Endowment (Tnfrs to Temp. Restr.)
  • George/Gladys Wagner Endowment
  • Georgia-Pacific/Wisc. Operations Endowment
  • Wausau Paper Scholar (Temp. Restr.)
  • Graham Faculty Activities Endowment
  • Weyerhaeuser Foundation Endowment

  • endowment endowment
    Guests register for banquet. Deb Lararski with the wives of "four horseman."
    endowment endowment
    Once again a full house for the Paper Science Foundation's Scholarship and Awards Banquet.