Board of Directors 2017-2018

Ed Buehler, Secretary/Treasurer (2015-2018)
VP Business Development - Specialty, Verso Corp

Thomas Danz (2015-2018)
President/COO, George Whiting Paper Co.

Matt Fischer (2015-2018)
General Manager, Domtar-Nekoosa

Joe Fierst, President (2017-2020)
Mill Manager, International Paper, Augusta, GA

Mark Hassman (2016-2019)
Technical Strategist, Kimberly-Clark

Dan Hietpas (2015-2018)
Sales Project Manager, Coating Excellence

Randy Kopchinski (2016-2019)
Director of Sales-Foam Control, Hydrite Chemical Co.

Brent Nelson (2015-2018)
Technical Manager, Catalyst Paper

Dave Paulus (2015-2018)
Mill Manager, Neenah Paper

Steve Rau (2015-2018)
Senior Account Manager, Nalco Company

John Shulstad (2016-2019)
Sr. Account Manager, OMNOVA Solutions

Kevin Sistler (2015-2018)
Account Manager, BASF

Eli Swanson, Vice President (2016-2019)
Attorney, Michael Best & Fredrich LLP

Jeff Walch (2015-2018)
VP Corp Containerborad Sales, Green Bay Packaging

Russ Wanke (2015-2018)
CEO, Expera Specialty Solutions, LLC

Gary Weber (2015-2018)

Adam Webster(2016-2019)
Mill Manager, Packaging Corp of America

Greg Aiken, Past President (Ex-Officio, voting) (2016-2019)
General Manager, Tama Paperboard

Dr. Karyn Biasca (Ex-Officio, voting)
Chair, Dept. of Paper Science & Engineering, UWSP

Jerry Lazarski (Ex-officio/non-voting)
Executive Director (2015-2018)
UWSP Paper Science Foundation, Inc.

Bernie Patterson (Ex-Officio, non-voting)
Chancellor, UWSP

Christine Thomas (Ex-Officio, non-voting)
Dean, College of Natural Resources, UWSP

Executive and Nominating Committee:
      Joe Fierst, President and Chair
      Eli Swanson, Vice President
      Ed Buehler, Secretary/Treasurer
      Karyn Biasca, Department Chair
      Gregg Aiken, Past President
      Jerry Lazarski, Executive Director

Scholarship Committee:
      Joe Fierst, chair
      Karyn Biasca
      Eli Swanson
      Jerry Lazarski

Donor Relations Committee:
      Kevin Sistler, Chair
      Steve Rau
      Brent Nelson
      Jerry Lazarski

Academic Advisory Committee:
      Gary Weber, chair
      Brent Nelson
      Karyn Biasca

Investment Management Committee:
      Tom Danz, chair
      Russ Wanke
      Joe Fierst
      Jerry Lazarski (Ex-Officio/non-voting)
      All Members of the Executive Committee

Ad Hoc Committees
      Promotional Materials
           Dan Hietpas-Lead
           Eli Swanson