For the first time in our 40 Year history at the Paper Science Foundation, we had a 'high tech' video presentation of our keynote address in place of a 'live' speaker. It was fitting to ask Dr. Michael Kocurek, the Paper Science Department's first chair, to be a part of our 40th anniversary celebration. It was disappointing for us to hear that he was planning to leave the country in September, however, as a polished presenter, Doc enthusiastically agreed to prepare a video of his keynote as an alternative. It turned out great!

As a fundraiser, which should be of particular interest to any of the several hundered of graduates that enjoyed Doc's lecutres first hand, the P.S. F. will soon be offering a CD of his keynote. Based on the reaction of those in attendance at our September 18th banquet, you will surely enjoy and larn a great deal from what Doc has to say.

Stay tuned for information on the release of the enhanced CD as we have additional archival footage and photos that we would like to add to it. This will be a collectors' must have for any UWSP Paper program graduate...and a great way to support your Paper Science Foundation.



(Left to right) Joseph Brown, Jacob Reckamp, Les Hillberg, Daren Bibeau, Dustin Ziegelman, Ryan Pearce, Katherine Ebensperger

(Not Pictured) Matthew Zimmerman


Gold Level Giving

This new award was presented by Jerry Lazarski to Jim Radcliffe and Mike Martin for personal donations in access of $5000 to the P.S.F. Greg Wanta was unable to attend the banquet but was also recognized.


Service Recognition

Service Recognition award was presented by Larry Graham to Art Rankin who has served on the P.S.F board for 25 years.