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Contains: Introduction, Viewing & Printing Tips, & Navigational Aids
Translations are available in Belarussian (by V. Bastiaan), Estonian (J. Teerink), Latvian (by N. Karbowska), Russian (S. Wolfe), and Swedish (by W. Pawlak)..
Viewing & Printing Tips
  1. As noted above, print in color, since it is used to help illustrate the concepts.
  2. Before you print or study the materials in this hypertext, make sure that you can see the symbols below. At this point in time, this should no longer be a problem with computers, tablets, and cell phones, etc.
  3. Alpha Beta Sum
    Mew Sigma Not
    +&- greater than
    or equal to
    less than
    or equal to
    α β Σ μ σ ±
  4. It is helpful if you can change the default font of your browser to a sans serif font such as "Arial". This will match the fonts used in the equations more closely.
  5. When printing the pages, use print preview and consider varying the percent of normal size that you print at. If you print at less than normal size, the document will likely consume less pages. Some browsers are better at this than others (e.g., IE is better than Chrome for this).
  6. To print the site, it will be easiest to use the index. At a minimum, students should print the lectures and homework assignments for each of the chapters or, at least, have a device that will enable them to view this material in the lecture and laboratory sessions.

Navigational Aids
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