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Chapter Lectures Hands-On Supplements HW
1 Introduction
   Contents, this Index
- Tables: [z] [t] [F] [x2]
   User Notes, Proj Eval
2 Research Design Math Review, Key
3 Preliminary Concepts Prelim Concepts, Key Graph Paper (Word) 2
4 Frequency Distributions Freq Dists & Graphing,
5 Graphing Techniques SS: Bar Ex1, Ex2, Ex3,
, FreqPoly, Overall.
    Exam 1 Review, Key    
6 Central Tendency
& Variability
CT & Variab, Key MTB 5
7 Relative Standing Relat Stand, Key   6
8 Correlation Correlation, Key
    Exam 2 Review, Key    
9 Dichotomous Variables Dichotomous, Key MTB 8
10 Continuous Variables
(1 sample)
1 sample, Key MTB 9
11 Continuous Variables
(2 sample)
2 samp, Key
MTB, SS 10
Exam 3 Review, Key Comparing Tests
12 ANOVA: 1 Way 1 way, Key MTB, SS 11
13 ANOVA: 2 Way 2 way, Key MTB 12
14 Nonparametric Statistics Exam 4 Review, Key MTB, SS 13
      Summary of Tests 14
Note: Minitab 17 (MTB) will be used in the class (most of the tutorials will work reasonably
well for several of the earlier versions as well). The tutorials use the same data as the lecture
notes. Data for the tutorials are available in worksheet (.mtw) or project (.prj) files (which are
available at the beginning of each tutorial).

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