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Project Evaluation

This website began in 1997 as a way of trying to use technology to facilitate the instruction of a Psychological Statistics course. A Fall, 2001 sabbatical allowed for a reasonable level of completion of the project. Revisions continue to be ongoing. Comments are welcome at Below is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages I have experienced with using this material.


  1. The amount of blackboard space and the legibility of the material presented are no longer issues.
  2. If a student is absent, they can easily get the notes.
  3. Since the students do not have to copy the notes word for word (or digit by digit), they can spend more time paying attention concepts underlying the material presented.
  4. Since the instructor does not need to write on the blackboard, his/her time and attention can be used more freely to explain the concepts being presented.
  5. The homework assignments are readily available to the students.
  6. The Minitab tutorials give the students the extra assistance they need to enable practical application of what is learned.
  7. The spreadsheets give the examples a level of interactivity that enables them to make the material more engaging.
  8. Other instructors and students (from around the world) may find the material useful.
  9. If ceretain topics are especially relevant, they can be linked to directly.
  10. This site may be a seed for an on-line class.


  1. Creation of materials is time-consuming and requires an array of skills.
  2. Students need computer access.
  3. Students typically print the contents of the site (with color printer access preferred).

In my experience, the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages. I have had more success with getting students to learn the material at a deeper level (and in less time). There also seems to be a lot less stress to the students.

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