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Homework - Preliminary Concepts

DIRECTIONS: When computation is required, show all work neatly. These questions may require some use of your imagination. If you have a hard time, try to get some ideas from an introductory (or any other) psychology text. In this homework, when you are asked to give an example, please give only one. Or, in other words, if you give multiple examples, only the first will be graded.

  1. Give one example of each of the following (15 points):
    a. qualitative variable
    b. discrete quantitative variable
    c. continuous quantitative variable

  2. Give an example for each of the scales of measurement (other than the examples used in class) (20 points).

  3. Using the three rounding rules discussed in class, round the following three numbers to one decimal point (15 points):
    1.45001   2.45   3.55

  4. Prove that the X2 (∑X)2 for the following data set (20 points):
    1, 3, 5, 6, 8.

  5. What is for the data set in Question 4 above (20 points)?

Multiple Choice (10 points)

  1. A researcher is interested in satisfaction levels among folks with different types of internet access. Group MOD uses a telephone/MODem connection. Group DSL uses a type of phone connection called a Digital Subscriber Line. Group CAB uses the television CABle. Lastly, Group WIFI uses a WIreless (FIdelity). "Type of internet access" is what scale of measurement?
    a. nominal
    b. ordinal
    c. interval
    d. ratio

  2. With real or exact limits of 30.55 - 30.65, our original number would be _____. a. 30.5
    b. 30.6
    c. 30.7
    d. 31.4

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