Craig A. Wendorf, Ph.D. Department of Psychology

Statistics Projects and Resources

Statistics for Psychologists: An Online Textbook

The materials in this online textbook are intended to facilitate the connection between standard introductory statistics concepts and their implementation in statistical software. The textbook currently includes: a summary of basic statistical methods; instructions on obtaining basic statistical output using SPSS, JAMOVI, and JASP; annotated output showing how to calculate and interpret the output; and summaries of how the results should be reported in APA style.

Estimation Approach to Statistics with Excel (EASE)

EASE is a set of fast and easy spreadsheets that calculate confidence intervals for means and standardized effect sizes, the later of which are not available in more elaborate commercially available statistical software. [ARISE is a fork of my EASE project. ARISE spreadsheets calculate both relational and arelational confidence intervals for means.] Separate spreadsheets are available for different designs (between-subjects vs. within-subjects) and data input type (raw data vs. descriptive statistics). All sheets are updated regularly.

Embedded Assessment and Analysis

There is a close tie between statistical methodology and embedded assessment of learning outcomes. The document and tool below offer a strategy for embedding assessment of learning outcomes into the existing graded assignments for a course. Taken together, these resources provide a simple -- yet quite effective -- system that can be used in any course.

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