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Critical Thinking - The Very Basics

Dona Warren, Department of Philosophy, The University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point

Welcome to this little lesson on critical thinking! I hope you enjoy it!
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The Basics
This is a flash presentation of the entire lesson. It's rather long - running approximately 40 minutes if you watch it from beginning to end. If you have a slow connection, I'd recommend watching the parts of the lesson one at a time, by selecting the following flash presentations.

The Basics - Introduction
The Basics - Argument Recognition
The Basics - Argument Analysis
The Basics - Argument Evaluation
The Basics - Argument Construction
The Basics - Conclusion

This is a pdf file of the main slides found in the presentation.

This is a pdf file containing the script of the presentation.

Ancillary Materials

This is a pdf file outlining the basic principles of this lesson. It's designed to serve as a reference as you work through the exercises below and as you recognize, analyze, evaluate, and construct arguments in real life.

Practice Exercises

Answers to Practice Exercises