Menominee Place Names In Wisconsin

A Pronunciation Guide to some of the sounds made by speakers of the Menominee language.

Usual Pronunciation of the Menominee vowels
Long vowels Short vowels
ā - Like the a in father a - Like the u in but
ō - Like the o in wrote o - Like the u in put
ē - Like the ai in wait e - Like the i in bit
ī - Like the ee in see i - Like whispered i in bit
ae - Like the a in cat ae - Like whispered a in cat
ū - Like the oo in soon u - Like whispered oo in soon
c - ch sound in church or ts in cats in some cases.
q - Not a k sound as in the English language.  Slight catch in the throat, or cough sound known as the glottal stop.
s - sh sound in sham.
There are two dipthongs in the Menominee language:
ia - Rapidly, like ee-aw ua - Rapidly, like oo-aw

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