The Moose Clan is represented by the White Birch The Moose Clan - The People of the Wild Rice

The Moose Clan, represented by the White Birch, protected the wild rice beds during the growing season, supervised the harvest of the grain, and made certain the crop was equitably distributed among the members. In addition it provided camp security. The very name of the tribe, The People of the Wild Rice, suggests the key role wild rice played in the society, for the nutritious grain that grew in shallow waters of rivers and lakes throughout the ancestral lands provided an excellent, storable, food source. Accordingly much attention was given to the control of the resource and the management of the harvest.

The Moose Clan is made up of the Moose (Principal Clan), Elk, Marten, Fisher, and the Raccoon Clans. Click on the name below to visit each clan: