The Eagle Clan is represented by the Hickory The Eagle Clan - The Warriors

The Eagle clan took up war responsibilities, served as warriors, and worked as laborers. To the Menominee, peace was ideal and war disrupted it. They sought, if at all possible, to avoid battle. And when they fought, the war was in defensive terms, not offensive. Thus, to meet the difficulties posed by this intrusive factor, the Menominee focused the activity in this clan, a task with grave implications requiring much thought and careful reasoning about the issues. We must not overlook the fact that all male Menominee adults served as warriors, not merely members of the Eagle clan.

Clan members had the duty of planning military strategy, performing ceremonies associated with war, And ensuring that the tribe followed the activities associated with war-making. As a point of interest we note the Menominee did not have or use shields. As fire carriers they made certain fire would be available whether in travel, in camp, or in the village. They had a special way of ensuring this through use of a fire bundle where slow burning or smoldering punk wrapped in a covering would remain for a long time, ready to expose to air and fuel and burst into flames. Of course, this does not mean the clans of the Golden Eagle principal clan lit everyone's fire for them, but rather they saw to it that this important component of the ongoing life would be available. Perhaps, for example, in a camp they would start a fire so that all could obtain a light from it.

The Eagle Clan is made up of the the Golden Eagle, Crow, Raven, Red Tail Hawk, Bald Eagle, Fish Hawk, Sparrow Hawk, Winter Hawk, Fork Tail, and Swift-Flying Hawk Clans. Click on the name below to visit each clan: