The Crane Clan is represented by the Butternut The Crane Clan - The Menominee Builders

The Crane Clan served as the Menominee builders. With it the culture met a major problem in the tribe's life. Tribal members did not achieve their ends in life by direct contact with one another and with products of their natural world, but rather approached them indirectly through a system of objects, intermediaries as it were. Baskets held nuts, canoes carried fishermen, birch bark made bags, and stakes with interwoven laths of willow directed the movement of fish into traps. The culture held this feature of life to be of critical value and accordingly developed a tribal organ to address it. Songs, dances, prayers, rituals, designs, colors, stories, legends and many other features suffused the Crane duties to assist it in fulfilling tribal ends.

The Crane clan had to master the knowledge of making things out of the materials presented to it by nature and to be certain the tribe maintained this arduously obtained information, along with the many manufacturing techniques that the work required. In effect, the material basis of Menominee society fell to the lot of the Crane.

The Crane Clan is made up of the Crane, Great Blue Heron, Old Squaw Duck, Coot, Loon, and Turkey Buzzard Clans. Click on the name below to visit each clan: