The Bear Clan is represented by the Maple The Bear Clan - The Speakers

The Bear Clan regulated civil affairs. The pipe carried in the crook of his left arm signifies this obligation to the society and the heavy responsibilities it entailed. Incidentally, the bowl of the original pipe was carved from wood or from stone, usually pipestone, and had a wooden stem. As part of his duties, the Bear called the tribe to general council meetings and opened the deliberations that followed in an orderly procedure. He also watched over civil affairs to be certain things flowed smoothly.

He did not possess the power to compel by force or edict his wishes or fancies, for the Menominee culture alone served as the motivating ideal for the individual Menominee. A directive would fall to the ground unheard. A strong and vigorous culture elicited respect and a desire on the part of the members to sustain it by following its principles. Peace and relative order marked the affairs of traditional society, a phenomenon consistently reported by the earliest European explorers and settlers. Of course, this meant that the cultural systems had to be constantly worked at and vitalized to enable them to become significant. But the culture provided for this element too.

The Bear Clan is made up of the Bear, Beaver, Muskrat, Otter, Sturgeon, Mud Turtle, Sunfish, and Porcupine Clans. Click on the name below to visit each clan: