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A. Introduction

Landforms of windblown material

Map: wind erosion vulnerability

Learning Outcomes - You should be able to:

B. Forces

Driving forces

Resisting forces

C. Erosion

Deflation: process of wind removing particles from the surface (entrainment)

TransportationPhoto: Saharan dust storm

D. Deposition

Terminal fall velocity; function of particle size

Graph: terminal fall velocity

Deposits well-sorted

E. Erosional Landforms

Ventifacts: faceted rocks shaped by abrasion

Photo: ventifact

Yardangs: streamlined ridges oriented parallel to wind direction

Photo: yardangs

Stone (Desert) pavements

Depositional Landforms

Ergs (sand seas) Photo: erg

Image source:

Sand sheets

Wind ripples

Dunes Diagram: dune geometry

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