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A. Introduction

Glacial processes and landforms

Learning outcomes: you should be able to:

B. Erosional Landforms

Alpine landscapes

  • horns, cirques & aretes

  • u-shaped valleys; hanging valleys, giant stair steps, fjords

  • tarns, paternoster lakes

  • roche moutonnees

  • grooves & striations

Photo: alpine glacial landscape
Photo: ©Bruce Molnia, Terra Photographics. Earth Science World Image Bank Image iam8qk

Photo: glacial trough
Photo: © K.A. Lemke.

Photo: hanging valley
Photo: © K.A. Lemke.

Continental landscapes

Photo: Finger Lakes
Image credit: NASA Visible Earth. New York's Finger Lakes. Courtesy of ISS Crew Earth Observations Experiment and the Image Science & Analysis Group, NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Photo: roche moutonnee
Photo: ©2001-2004 R Chambers/ St Ivo School Geography Department

C. Alpine Depositional Landforms


  • ice marginal

    • end moraines: terminal, recessional

    • lateral

  • medial


Photo: lateral & end moraines
Photo: R. DiLabio, Canadian Landscapes, Terrain Sciences Division, Geological Survey of Canada

D. Summary

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