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A. Introduction

The Ice Age

Holocene (isotope stage 1)

Glacial Debris

Learning outcomes: you should be able to:

B. Glacial Lobes and Formations

Map Wisconsin Glacial Lobes Map Glacial Formations in Wisconsin


Holy Hill Formation

Big Flats Formation

C. Glacial Landforms in Portage County

End Moraines

Photo: R. DiLabio, Canadian Landscapes, Terrain Sciences Division, Geological Survey of Canada

Ground moraine

Meltwater deposits: sorted and stratified

Map Glacial Lake WisconsinGlacial Lake Wisconsin

D. Glacial Landforms in Other parts of Wisconsin


Photo: drumlin Diagram: drumlin


Meltwater landforms

Photo: esker Photo: kame Map Glacial Lake Oshkosh

Photo: Antigo silt loamGlacial Lake Oshkosh

Aeolian deposits

F. Summary










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