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A. Introduction

Learning outcomes - You should be able to:


B. Wisconsin's Glacial Formations

Map: Glacial formations of Wisconsin

After Clayton et al. (2006) WGNHS Ed. Series 36

C. End Moraines Link: end moraine photo, Wordie Glacier, Greenland (NASA) Link: moraine photo: Bylot Island, CAnada (Prairie Research Institute) Link: end moraine photo (Alean; Glaciers Online) Link: end moraine image: MUeller Glacier, New Zealand (Glaciers online) Link: moraine image: Highway Glacier, Baffin Island ( Link: hummocky end moraine photo: Bruarjokull, Iceland (Ingolfsson)

D. Dump Moraines


Debris delivered by:

End moraines of the Holy Hill Formation

E. Ablation Moraines

Formation and appearance

End moraines of the Copper Falls Formation

Diagram: Chippewa Lobe landforms; Attig, Ham, Mickelson 1998

Map: lobes around Kettle MoraineF. Interlobate Moraines

Kettle Moraine - Holy Hill Formation

Formation hypotheses

Stagnant ice landforms associated with Kettle Moraine

G. Subglacial Landforms

Ground moraine; till plains


Drumlins link: drumlin map

  • blunter end is on up-ice side

  • may be super-imposed

  • occur in fields behind end moraines Link: drumlin field image Link: NY drumlin field image Link: drumlin distributio nmap

  • characteristics (based on measurements from global drumlin literature in: Clark et al. 2009, Quaternary Science Reviews)

    • average length: 634 m (majority 250-1000 m)

    • average width: 241 m (majority 120-300 m)

    • average elongation ratio (length/width): 3.4 (majority 1.7 to 4.1)

    • tend to evolve from stubby to elongate

    • elongation probably varies with ice velocity and/or time elapsed

    • most elongate drumlins are the longest; least elongate are the shortest

    • distinct preferred scale for drumlins

    • characteristics appear independent of location or ice sheet

  • composition

    • basal till; supraglacial sediment

    • bedrock; some rock-cored; some not

    • sand & gravel beds (fluvial sediment)

    • sediment may or may not be deformed

Picture (500x178, 52.8Kb)

Picture (500x260, 12.5Kb)

Megaflutes & ribbed moraines

Megascale glacial lineations (MSGL)

F. Summary

End moraines

Subglacial landforms

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