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Formation & Classification of Glaciers

photo: HimalayasA. Introduction

Photo Credit: NASA; Earth from Space STS066-208-25 Mt. Everest.

Glacier definition

Learning outcomes - You should be able to:


B. Geographic Distribution of Glaciers

Last Glacial Maximum link icon: ice coverage resonstructions

map: Laurentide Ice Sheet
Image credit: Natural Resources Canada.



14 Insane Glaciers; Questions

C. Formation of Glaciers

Photo Credit: K.A. Lemke. Used with permission. Sperry Glacier, Glacier National Park, MT.

Conversion of snow to ice:

Photo: Fox Glacier, New ZealandPhoto Credit: Chelsey Zoromski. Used with permission. Fox Glacier, NZ, 2008.

Progressive increase in density

Conversion rate

D. Morphological Classification of Glaciers

Glaciers unconstrained by topography

Glaciers constrained by topography

E. Summary

Geographic distribution of glaciers

Glacier formation

Morphological classification of glaciers

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