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Geology 370: Glacial Geology

Gulkana Glacier, Alaska. Source: USGS Glaciers and Climate Project.Photo: Gulkana Glacier.  Source: USGS

A. Why Study Glacial Geology?

Impact on landscape in Wisconsin & globally

Map: glacier in Wisconsin WGNHS Map: Wisconsin landscapes WGNHS
Image credit: WGNHS: Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey

Impact on soil and water resources

  • sandy soils in Portage County

  • aquifers in other areas of Wisconsin

  • drinking & irrigation water in southeast Asia

  • sand and gravel resources (construction)

Climate change & sea level change


Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand, 2001. Source: K.A. LemkePhoto: Franz Josef Glacier, NZ.  Source: K.A. Lemke

B. Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes


The course objectives will be met by achieving the following learning outcomes:

By the end of the semester you should be able to:

Photo: Greenland meltwater and moulin. Source: NASAGreenland meltwater and moulin. Source: NASA.

C. Format and Policies


Expectations - you are expected to:

Electronic devices

Student rights & responsibilities

Photo: Taylor Valley, Antarctica.  Source: NASATaylor Valley, Antarctica. Source: NASA Visible Earth.

D. Evaluation and Grading

Projects and assignments: 50%

Tests: 50%

Letter grades

A: 93-100 B–: 80-82 D+: 67-69
A–: 90-92 C+: 77-79 D: 60-66
B+: 87-89 C: 73-76 F: below 60
B: 83-86 C–: 70-72  

Southern Greenland. Source: NASA Visible Earth.

Photo: southern Greenland.  Source: NASAE. Contact Information

Office: Science B345

Email: klemke@uwsp.edu

Phone: 346-2709

Office hours

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