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    Erosional Landforms
    Giant stair steps
    Glacial trough
    Hanging valley
    Paternoster lakes
    U-shaped valley

    Depositional Landforms
    End moraine
    Ground moraine
    Lateral moraine
    Medial moraine

    Ice Features
    Cirque glacier
    Valley glacier
    Ice fall

An alpine glacier flowing in a valley such that the valley walls restrict the glacier flow. These glaciers starts in cirques and extend down-valley from the cirques.

This first photo shows two valley glaciers, one entering the photo on the left side and the other entering the photo from the upper right corner. You can see the dark bedrock separating the two valley glaciers in the upper left portion of the photo. A small portion of the valley wall is also evident on the right side of the photo. This bedrock restricts the flow of ice across the landscape. The dark grey lines/ridges visible on the surface of the glaciers are moraines; they are not part of the bedrock valey walls.

Photo: valley glacier

This second photo also shows two valley glaciers. The main glacier starts well in the background so the cirque glaciers feeding this large valley glacier are not visible. A smaller valley glacier flows into the main glacier from the left side. The glacier flow is from the top toward the bottom of the photo.

Photo: valley glacier

Photo: A. Harris. Used with permission.

Photo: A. Post. 1971. USGS Photographic Libraray, photo post001. <http://libraryphoto.cr.usgs.gov/> Accessed June 2010.

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