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A glacially eroded valley. In mountainous regions rivers tend to carve out valleys with narrow bottoms, or V-shaped valleys. When alpine glaciers flow through these pre-existing valleys, the glaciers reshape the valley and widen the valley bottom. The result is a valley shaped like a parabola or a trough or a capital letter U (U-shaped valley).

Photo: glacial trough/u-shaped valley

Photo: R. Schukar. Used with permission.

Topographic Map: U-shaped valley/glacial trough
The photo shows the glacial trough (or U-shaped valley) currently occupied by the Saint Mary River in Glacier National Park. Although no one may have seen the glacier when it filled this valley, you can tell that the valley was shaped by a glacier and not by the Saint Mary River simply based on the shape of the valley. In the photo, you are looking toward the northeast. On the map, north is toward the top. The wide spacing of the contour lines on the map reveals the relatively flat floor of the valley while the more closely spaced contour lines along the sides of the valley show the steeper valley walls.
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