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A pyramid-shaped mountain peak created as multiple glaciers erode away at the same mountain.

Clements Mountain in Glacier National Park is an example of a horn. In this photo, you are looking to the west. The photo was taken from the trail where the camera is located on the map. The trail is shown on the map by the thin black dashed line just east of the word "Clements." North on the map is toward the top.

On the topographic map, the horn is symbolized by closely spaced, closed contour lines. The close spacing shows the steep sides of the horn. An end moraine is visible in the photo at the base of the horn. You can see some ice (white) in the photo behind the moraine. This ice is a remnant of one of the glaciers that helped form the horn. The map shows a glacier to the east of Clements Mountain; this is the same ice shown in the photo. Close examination of the topographic map indicates that 3 or 4 glaciers eroded away at this mountain peak to create the horn: two of these glaciers ultimately flowed northward, one along Logan Creek and one in the hanging valley where the falls are located; one glacier flowed to the southwest - Hidden Lake sits in the cirque for this glacier; and one glacier still exists today to the east of Clements Mountain (the one in the photo).

Photo: glacial horn Topographic map: glacial horn
Photo: K.A. Lemke. Used with permission.
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