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Course Description

Geography 476/676 is an introduction to the theory and application of geographic information systems (GIS). It presents an overview of general principles of GIS paired with practical experience in the analytical use of spatial information. This course is designed for a broad range of students who may choose to take this course as an introduction, to add depth to established understanding, or as a way to incorporate GIS techniques with an existing environmental discipline. The lectures deliver a comprehensive overview of the analytical treatment of geographic information in the course text, Nicholas Chrisman's "Exploring Geographic Information Systems" (2nd edition).

Course lecture material is linked with practical application in six lab exercises and a group project using the ArcGIS software suite. Group projects are student designed initiatives to address a challenge requiring spatial analysis, some of it outside of class and laboratory hours.

Prerequisites are a course from geography, college of natural resource or environmental science. Prior exposure to GIS software is not required but is encouraged. Students will benefit from interests in particular topics or themes for application of GIS.

Text and Readings

The text for this course is Exploring Geographic Information Systems, 2nd Edition published by John Wiley. Additional resources include select e-reserve readings, class handouts and links from the course web site.

Course meeting times and locations:

LECT 1 13:00-13:50 T R SCI B338
LAB 1 15:00-16:50 T SCI D326
LAB 2 15:00-16:50 R SCI D326

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