Writing Assistance

You should always feel free to see me if you have questions about the course, readings, assignments, or would like to go over a specific text or an outline, a draft, or a revision.

But there are other sources you can use for help with your writing. And there is nothing wrong with seeing me and someone else too. Below are two resources you should take advantage of for writing help.

English Department Graduate Assistant

***Unfortunately, a graduate assistant will not be available this semester***


Office Hours

Tuesday 1
Finals Week


Tutoring-Learning Center

There is also the option of the Tutoring-Learning Center:

From: Mary K. Croft Tutoring-Learning Center
Stevens Point, WI 54481-3897

An Invitation to Tutorials At the Tutoring-Learning Center

We invite you to receive free writing and reading tutorials at the Tutoring-Learning Center

What is a Writing and Reading Tutorial?

In a reading and writing tutorial, you receive one-to-one help from a trained tutor with the reading and writing that you are doing for university classes. The sessions last 30 minutes each and take place in the TLC during the hours that we are open. You can come one time only or multiple times throughout the semester. The decision is yours. The approach and tone in the tutorials is collaborative and relaxed.

Who Is a Writing and Reading Tutor?

The tutor is a fellow UWSP student who has had successful experience in university reading and writing and received a faculty recommendation to become a tutor. In addition, reading and writing tutors are required to take a semester-long, three-credit Tutor Practicum course designed to help them help you. Your tutor is not a teacher nor an authority figure but rather your peer. Tutors know how to collaborate with you in dealing with reading assignments in your courses and in completing the papers you must write. The tutor does not do the work for you but will offer you guidance so that you can do the work more effectively.

How Can a Writing and Reading Tutorial Help You?

When you schedule an appointment with a reading/writing tutor, you can get advice and guidance in several ways.

For Reading Assignments

Together you and your tutor:

For Writing Assignments

When you come to a tutorial, you can do any or all of these things:

To sign up for a tutorial, call 715.346.3568 or just stop in at the TLC in the basement of the LRC (University Library Building), room 018.

You may be able to see a tutor without an appointment, but it's best to call ahead.

Regular hours: Monday through Thursday 9:00am-8:00pm & Fridays 9:00am-1:00pm.