Browning - Dramatic Monologue "Andrea del Sarto"

Dramatic Monologue:

But let's also consider the "drama" in dramatic.

Dramatic monologue emphasizes the element of performance--how through words (language) speakers create identity through creative and destructive acts and/or transform situations: his or her situation, his or her self, and his or her listener (reader). An important idea here is how dramantic monologues, then, are performative in that they are not describing what has happened or preexisting conditions.  Rather, they  "bring into being" (transformation--creation/destruction) characters, actions, and the world they discuss.  They accomplish something, not just assert something.

"Andrea del Sarto"

The faultless painter

  1. His lack of ambition and identity as a "craftsman" (vs artist)--Man's reach should exceed his grasp
  2. His relationship with his wife--opening and ending of the poem. Views her in idealized terms?

Oppositions in the poem enhance the conflict

Emphasis on "grayness"