Literary Analysis - Writing Notes*

For "Basketball Season" - References for George Orwell (1984, Animal Farm)
The Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature Vol 4 (Reference: PR 19 095 2006)
Encyclopedia of British Writers: 20th Century Vol 4 (Reference: PR 401 E53)

Title of a short story - italics or quotation marks. Italics are contemporary. But whatever your choice is, be consistent throughout your essay.

Character Names - Refer to characters by their full names or last names (not first names unless appropriate).

Spelling - Be sure to check the spelling of the story's title and character names.

Tense - When writing about your story, use present tense. See RW 217-18. Possible exception: If you describe events in the story's "present" that occured in the past.

Viewpoint - Generally use third person. In your intro./conclusion second person may be appropriate (e.g., question to readers/general connection to readers). First person? Be careful - the focus is on the story, not you. Again, perhaps in the intro./conclusion?

Contractions - avoid overusing them, if at all. Your tone for this essay will be serious/formal?

*(Use these notes with your "Some Considerations" notes from our PowerPoint presentation introducing the literary analysis.)