Topics for Argumentative Research Paper (Taking a Position on an Issue in Sports)

Below are some suggestions to get you started. Add your own ideas to this list. Many of the ideas here are broad and need to be defined. Remember, you will need to specify the sport(s) you will discuss and the level (high school? pro?).

  1. Rule changes in the NHL
  2. Drug testing
  3. Sports and technology, e.g., instant reply, use of stats and play calling
  4. Gender, e.g., Title IX, acceptance of women's bodybuilding, social/cultural attitudes
  5. Purpose and role of little league
  6. Role of the college athlete - myth or reality
  7. Sports funding at all levels
  8. National and local obsession with sports
  9. Violence in sports
  10. True national pastime?
  11. Sports as businesses - "money/winning versus playing"
  12. Athletes as role models
  13. High school students skipping college and going to professional sports teams
  14. Sporting team names