Audience Sheet Writing a Literary Analysis

Write out a minimum three-to-four-sentence responses to each question. Be sure to explain how your thoughts affected decisions you made as you wrote your literary analysis.

Although you do not have to address this here, think about where a literary analysis might be published?  Magazine?  Sunday edition of a national newspaper?  Collection of student writing published by an English department?  A website dedicated to literature or sports fiction?

Write out responses to the following questions.

  1. Profile your average reader. Who would this person be? (Consider the meaning of the "profile.")
  2. Why would someone read your essay? What will he or she "get" from reading it?
  3. How much experience do you imagine your readers have reading and interpreting short stories? How will you address your reader's needs as you write your essay? Does it matter that the story you are writing about focuses on sports? Explain.
  4. What tone will you use? What style? ( Humorous? Serious? Formal? Colloquial? Some Combination? Vocabulary?)