Audience Sheet Covering a Sporting Event-Game story (Game you watched live)
  1. Choose a newspaper sports section (not The Pointer) you imagine your game story (for the game you watched live) will be published in. Consider the sport you are covering and the level. You may choose a local newspaper - if you covered a local (e.g., high school or university - Div 3 or small college) game - or a national newspaper if you covered a university (Div 1) or professional game.  You can use one of the papers from your sports section analysis, or you may choose a different paper, local or national.  In a reasonable paragraph, write down the name of the newspaper and give a summary of the sports section - its contents, style, and language. (See your sports section analysis sheet.)
  2. In a reasonable, clearly written paragraph, write out assumptions you made about the readers of your game story:  Their knowledge, values, beliefs, and expectations.  (See your class notes from TSGW, Ch 1: rhetorical/communications triangle.)  How did these assumptions help you make specific writing decisions about your game story?  Give a few specific examples.  Consider the newspaper you are imagining your game story will be published in.  (See #1 above.)

Draft your audience paragraph (Word document) early and revise it as you draft. We will discuss your audience assumptions in class.